Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention testing is required by municipal authorities throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area to protect the drinking water of their facilities.

If you received a notice from your water provider that your backflow preventer needs tested you can contact any of our signatory contractors who have certified mechanics to test your backflow prevention device.   

A properly installed and approved backflow preventer is a mechanical device that prevents water from reentering the water main. This can occur if you have a lawn sprinkler system, boiler or fire protection system that is fed by the potable water system. If a sudden drop in water pressure occurs it could cause back siphonage from your lawn sprinkler system contaminating your drinking water with weed killer, fertilizer or pesticide that can cause health problems.

To ensure you are in compliance with your local water purveyor, backflow preventers must be tested by certified testers for proper operation upon installation, repair or replacement and at least yearly thereafter. Call any of our contractors for a consultation today.