Plumbing Service and Repair Class

Plumbing Service and Repair: The installation of plumbing systems in new construction is a majority of the work performed by pipe trades journeyworkers and apprentices. Once these new piping systems and fixtures are installed, they must be maintained and serviced. Maintenance and service represent a high percentage of the total amount of work performed in the plumbing industry. A primarily shop class that is hands on with an aggressive shop schedule helps to get the student prepared for the service industry. The instruction in faucet repair or replacement, water closet tank type and flush valve, trap replacement and shower valve repair will help to prepare an apprentice for the repair of basic plumbing fixtures. The UA manual is the main source for subjects that are to be covered, they include safety, sewer and drainage, water distribution, gas systems, plumbing fixtures and fittings, appliances, water heater and boiler systems. Repair of these systems take well trained and skilled workers to keep these systems working and safe into the future.

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