Below are a list of Journeymen Classes which are currently being offered. To sign-up/register please visit the specific class page you wish to sign-up/register for and fill out the form. The “Upcoming Class” page will give you a up-to-date list of active classes being offered at this time.

Adult CPR

This course trains students to deliver life-saving CPR in situations of cardiac arrest using chest compressions, mouth to mouth and AED assisted CPR.

AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Drawing)

This is a 30-hour introductory course that introduces students to basic CAD skills including: Set up drawings; AutoCAD Tools; Lines, Circles, Squares; Modify Objects; Snap Points and Plumbing Related Drawings. Some basic computer skills are required for this class.

Backflow Prevention Tester Certification

[insert backflow prevention tester certification here]

Basic Computer Skills

This is a 15 hour computer class for the beginner. Areas covered will include: Computer Use and Care: Email, Files and Folders; EBay, Facebook; Search Engine Sites (Google, Ask, etc.), Word Processing, Excel, Access. This course may be used as a prerequisite to AutoCad.

Confined Space Training

[insert description here]

Crane Signaling/Rigging Qualification

New OSHA regulations require any worker who engages in rigging and signaling of crane operators on construction sites to successfully take and pass this 8-hour course.

Green Systems Awareness Certification

This is a 24-32 Hour certification class that is divided into four parts that include Core, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical. The course contains topics on “GREEN” Systems related to Solar Energy, Grey & Rainwater Harvesting Systems and many energy-saving technologies. There is a four-part examination at the end of the course which is administered by the United Association. A passing score of 80% in all four parts are required to receive the certification.

I.C.R.A 8 Certification

Infection Control Risk Assessment is an eight-hour certification class required by UPMC to work in any UPMC facility. Topics covered are Infection Control, Chain of Infection, Communications and Documentation, Procedures and Practices and Containment Responsibilities. There will be a competency exam at the end of the program.

Industrial Pipefitter Qualification

This is a 25 hour, hands-on pipefitter course designed to increase the employability of Plumbers L.U, 27 members working for our sister locals as an industrial pipefitter. This course will increase knowledge in measuring, cutting, beveling and rigging of steel piping and fabrications.

Medical Gas Installer/Brazer Certification

This is a 40-hour Certification Class that uses ASSE Series 6000 and ASME Section IX Brazers. This course follows NFPA 99 standards, instructs proper piping techniques and outlines the types of materials used which are specific to medical gas installations. This standard ensures the safety of the medical staff and patients in Level 1 through Level 3 medical facilities. Third party testing is administered by the National Inspection Testing Corporation (NITC) and requires passing a written exam with a minimum of 80%. The student must also pass a hands-on Brazing portion which is also administered by NITC. Upon successful completion, the Installer/Brazer will be issued a United Association Certificate of Medical Gas Qualification.

Medical Gas Installer/Brazer Recertification

The ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer and ASME section IX Brazer certifications offered by the Plumbers L.U. 27 must be updated when changes are made to the standard and to ensure the Brazer remains competent to continue installing medical gas piping systems. The updated changes made to NFPA 99 every 3 years must be reviewed by all certified installers which are then tested to verify that the information was presented and a final exam is passed successfully. The Plumbers Local Union No. 27 will schedule re-certification classes and examinations as needed to give all members the opportunity to upgrade and stay current.


The OSHA 10 hour training for the construction industry includes several topics valuable to construction related work such as Fall Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Scaffolding, OSHA Inspection Procedures and more. Most Plumbers L.U. 27 job sites require this as the minimum job safety training.


OSHA 30 hour training is the primary method used to train workers and supervisors on hazard recognition and OSHA safety standards. Most Plumbers L.U. 27 job sites are now requiring foremen to be OSHA 30 qualified.

Plastic Fusion/Mechincal Joint Certification

This is an eight-hour certification course required by all natural gas companies to install plastic fusion or mechanical joints on gas service lines. These certifications are renewable each year. You must have a current Operator Qualified DOT Certification to qualify. Certifications include Butt Fusion 2 -8 inch, Socket Fusion and Electro-Fusion, both Saddle Taps and Couplings and all gas line related mechanical joints. This Certification is third-party administered by Professional Utilities Resources (PUR).

To register any of these classes, call the Training Center at 724-695-9047.